I love traveling. The thought of heading somewhere new just intrigued me, every time. Vintage pictures – Mad Men-style – make me smile. (Wish I could say I look this polished – rocking the Lululemon slouchy pants today!)

Right now, I am sitting on the plane, heading eastward – quiet flight, aisle seat (YES) – and thinking about my morning. I really haven’t had that eventful of a day – no traffic, found a parking spot easily, checked my bag with no issues, and only three people ahead of me at Starbucks. I was feeling pretty decent about life, to be honest.

But earlier, as I was sitting at the gate, waiting for my zone to be called, I found myself watching CNN on one of those big screens that they have throughout the terminal. I watched our president talking about the journalist, James Foley, that was killed yesterday. And no one around me was paying attention.

I felt a little sick. This man was killed in such a horrific way – and it was FILMED and distributed as propaganda. I can’t even type out how he was killed. It’s horrible. And no one was watching the president talk about this. Not a soul.

My immediate family and friends don’t get worked up about freedom of the press. It just doesn’t affect them. For that matter – it shouldn’t affect me. I don’t work in any capacity as a journalist anymore. I don’t write daily, I don’t report on community events, I don’t keep my ears perked up for freedom of speech…but yet, I am still affected.

Praying hard for the safety of brave men and women who are telling the world about the wrongs AND the rights that they see.



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