I said goodbye to summer with a lot of walks around the lake. Lately-0048

I found candy stashes in my office. Dang the people that bring in old Halloween candy. Dang. YOU. Lately-0099

I indulge in the British snacks aisle at my local Metro Market way too much. Lately-0081I have been exploring neighborhood pretties. This picture comes from a delightful little macaroon and champagne shop, just a hop and a skip away from my apartment.

Lately-0118True to the caloric form of this blog post, I have taken a few cooking classes with new friends from my church. Hush puppies, fried chicken, spicy orange sauce, and a ginger and Jameson old-fashioned? Yes, please.



Quickly approaching six months at my new home and job – and it has flown by. Looking forward to a winter of even more fun! : )