Politico Nerd

I am sitting here watching C-SPAN and the filibuster discussion by Rand Paul and his buddies. It is always interesting to see cool things happen in front of you – President Obama being elected, the Red Sox winning the series, your mom waking you up to watch the Berlin Wall come down – this is a little different. It is very…Jimmy Stewart – Mr. Smith Goes to Washington…and that is something that seems a little bit rare, nowadays.

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Thinking about the week and sitting in a coffee shop that is the EPITOME of hipster. A local church started it, and everything in it is modern, cute, and the place is packed. Obviously what this town needed was a bit of a hipster coffee shop…this is not from here, but it might as well be…

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Dreams of elsewhere

I sometimes wonder about where I would be if I hadn’t made certain decisions in my younger years. I am in my mid-thirties, have a steady job and a house, my health, family, and lots of wonderful books and pretty pictures. Yes, I definitely wonder when I see pictures like this:

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But then I organize my pictures in my new MacBook and I see this:Sunsets

Pretty in different ways, but 7000 miles apart. I think that I should count myself lucky that I have seen both; I think this little blog should be about the things that I count myself lucky to have seen/experienced/tasted.

I guess this is a new journey – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the downright fabulous. Because I am a diverse girl with diverse tastes, in the words of the inimitable Dominic Toretto, “Ride or die!”